Elite Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. a venture founded by a team of professionals engaged in developing, manufacturing and exports of High class kitchenware utensils.

Elite Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. a venture founded by a team of professionals is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in India of High class Kitchenware and Kitchen Utensils with specialization in Pizza Baking Items. EEIPL is having fully equipped tool room with state of the art facilities which enables us to develop and manufacture the huge spectrum of products much faster and with high rate of accuracy. We are manufacturers and exporters of Pizza Baking Items such as Pizza Screens, Baking Trays,Pizza Pans,Pizza Cutter,Strainers,Kitchen Plier,Suppliers in India, Perforated Disk,Doughnut Cutter,Pudding Moulds,Measuring Spoons,Liquid Measurers,Pizza Bag,Pizza Peels,Rolling Pins,Pizzaria,Waiter Tray,Wine Cooler,Vinegar Shaker etc.

  Egg Poacher (Alum.)-Anodized
 Egg Poacher (Alum.)-Anodized


  Order Slide Rack (Alum.)-Anodized
   Sizes available Legnth
12", 18", 24", 36" & 48"
Can be made to spacification

  Bread Pan (Alum.)


  Bread Pan (Alum)

  Buiscuit Cutter (Alum)


  Al. Casted kitchen Plier
  Champagne Bucket


  Al. Frying Basket
  Kebab Catcher


  Heat Sink (Casted Alum)
  Heat Sink (Casted Alum)


  Egg Rings (Alum)
 Opener & Can Piercer (Iron)


  Opener & Can Piercer (Iron)

  Service Tray - mill finish


  Service Tray Anodized

  Service Tray Anodized


  Sauce Rings (Alum)
  Sauce Rings (Alum)


  Bottle Holder - 3pc.
  Bottle Holder - 3pc.


  Perforated Grid (Alum.)
  Glass (Alum.)



» Pizza Screen (Alum.)

» Baking Tray (Alum.)

» Car Pans

» Bake Pans (Alum.)

» Tapered Pans

» Pizza Peels (Alum.)

» Delivery Bags

» Frying Pans

» Muffin Tray (Alum.)

» Peel Holder (Iron)

» Pizza Serving Bats    (Wooden)

» Baguette Trays (Alum.)

» Rolling Pin

» Strainers

» Measurers (Alum.)

» Dredger (Alum.) - Anodized

» Moulds (Alum.)

» Griddle (Iron)

» Equal Slicing Disk (Alum.) -     Hard Anodized finish

» Plastic Products

» Stainless Steel Products

» Pie Marker (Alum.)

» Storage Bins (Alum.)

» Misc. Products

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